About Us

Crystal Eyes is one of the most advanced and best custom design artificial eye centre in Delhi where the patients with disfigured eyes get complete solutions with the utmost comfort. Crystal eye is known for the premier paradigm of workmanship throughout the medical profession in India. Artificial eye or fake eye is needed because of eye cancer or due of any accident in which vision of one eye is lost or cases where normal eye is bulging forward. These patients may undergo evisceration or enucleation with or without use of orbital implant. Enucleation   is a surgical procedure to remove the entire natural eye and evisceration is a surgical procedure to remove the contents of natural eye. These procedures will need prosthetic restoration with the fitting of an artificial eye.

Crystal eyes have the advanced equipment and we use premier grade material and meticulous care in fabrication of ocular prosthesis, ensure comfortable wear as well as excellent superficial appearance.  We produce an artificial eye which is indistinguishable from the real eye. Crystal eyes  is best custom made artificial eye centre in Delhi because we follow all the procedures strictly and emphasis personalize care to our all customer so that they feel comfortable while the treatment and doesn’t hesitate to convey their problem. Because of this healthy relationship between the patient and staff we are able to deliver the best results. Crystal eyes custom ocular prosthesis can be worn continuously without the over heck of daily removal and cleaning.

Crystal eye have a privilege of expert occular plastic surgeon and experienced ocularist to deliver the best results. Our wide range of services is unbeatable. We provide services like Ocular Prosthesis, Scleral shell , Orbital prosthesis,  Management of congenital disorders like microphathalmos by socket expanders,  Management of  contracted socket, pressure conformer, innovative conformers and Crutch glasses for Ptosis correction.

Our priority is to provide an artificial eye which is comfortable, undistinguishable, extensive wearing period, better ocular motility and   healthy socket in affordable price. Our ocularist understands the condition of patient and knows their responsibility. Artificial eye helps the patient to look natural and also helps in overcoming the trauma of losing an eye. Crystal eye provides the best services and our priority will always be our patients.