Services We Offers

We offer all services pertaining to creation and care of your artificial eye
Crystal Eyes is held for the most advanced custom made Artificial eye centre in Delhi where the patients with disfigured eyes get complete solutions with the utmost comfort. We have exclusive solutions such as enucleation, enucleation with implants, etc. for different eye problems caused by accident, infection, or surgery. At Crystal Eyes, we are highly focused on the main two important needs like comfort and natural appearance, while serving our patients. As a result, we build custom eyes by taking artificial impression of eye socket separately and engineer it in such a way that it can get fit the size conveniently. Because of their best size and high-quality workmanship, our custom eyes can be used constantly for month without any problem.

Scleral Shell

It is a thin prosthesis which is placed over the dried up eyeball without any surgical procedure unless it requires reconstruction.

Ocular Prosthesis

It is a custom object that is engineered to fit the eye socket after eye enunciation.

Orbital Prosthesis

It comprises of custom eyes, lids, skin and lashes. The sign of orbital prosthesis is orbital exoneration caused by cancer.

 Management Of Congenital Disorders Like Microphthalmos By Socket Expanders

Anophthalmia is a congenital defect of the eye where either a single or both eyes are absent when a baby is born. Anophthalmia is sometimes confused with Microphthalmia, also called Small Eye Syndrome, which is a congenital defect where either a single or both eyes are underdeveloped and appear abnormally small.

 Management Of Contracted Socket, Pressure Conformer, Innovative Conformers

Sockets are considered to be contracted when the fornices are too small to retain a prosthesis.Socket reconstruction procedures involve incision or excision of the scarred tissues and placement of a graft to enlarge the fornicates. Full-thickness mucous membrane grafting is preferred because it allows the grafted tissue to match conjunctiva histologically. Buccal mucosal grafts may be taken from the cheeks (beware of damaging the duct to the parotid gland) or from the upper lip, lower lip, or hard palate. Goblet cells and mucus production are preserved.

 Crutch Glasses For Ptosis Correction

The Crutch is formed to the shape and contour of the eye, using a type of stainless steel wire. The dimensions are measurements taken by the customers OD. or MD. Basically anyone can take the measurements.

Low Vision Aids Services

Crystal Artificial Eye offers rehabilitative services to patients with low vision in the form of various optical magnifiers, telescopes and electronic low vision aids.