We are incredibly proud of our work and stand by it 100 percent. Take our patients’ word for it.


I lived with a damaged blind eye for many years and got used to people being reluctant to accept me when I first met them.
After getting a new eye from Crystal Eyes, I immediately saw how people’s first impressions changed, and how it has given me
an opportunity to relate to people before being judged just for my appearance.

  Anand Kumar
( Bulandshahar )


You truly make a difference in people’s lives with your dedication, patience and understanding.
I recognize you put in a lot of extra time for me and I could not be happier with the result.
Everyone I see uses “perfect” to describe what you have done for me.

Ritika Khandewal
( Delhi )


After losing my eye, I honestly thought I would never be able to look straight at anybody ever again.
But with the perfectly normal appearance of the new eye you gave to me I never even give it a second thought because nobody ever notices.

Sandeep Paliwal